Keynote Speakers of Past ICCTs

IEEE Fellow 
Prof. Ying-Chang Liang
UESTC, China

Prof. Abbas Jamalipour
The University of Sydney, Australia

IEEE & IEICE Fellow 
Prof. Zhisheng NIU
TsinghuaUniversity, China

IEEE Fellow 
Baochun Li,  Ph.D., Professor
University of Toronto, Canada





IEEE Fellow 
Prof. Marco Chiani
University of Bologna, Italy

IEEE & IET Fellow 
Prof. Cheng-Xiang Wang
Southeast University, China

IEEE Fellow 
Prof. Nirwan Ansari
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

IEEE Fellow & IET Fellow
Sheng Chen, Ph.D., Professor
University of Southampton, United Kingdom





IEEE Fellow
Sumei Sun, Ph.D., Professor
A*STAR, Singapore

Fellow of OSA & SPIE
Shum Ping, Ph.D., Professor
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

IEEE Fellow
Shugong Xu, Ph.D., Professor
Shanghai University, China

IEEE Fellow
Chang-Hee Lee, Ph.D., Professor
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

IEEE Fellow 
Koichi Asatani, Ph.D., Professor
Kogakuin University, Japan

IEEE Fellow 
Yan Zhang, Ph.D., Professor

University of Oslo, Norway

IEEE Fellow
Zixiang Xiong, Ph.D., Professor
Texas A&M University, USA

IEEE Fellow
Leyi Wang, Ph.D., Professor
Engineering, Wayne State University, USA

IEEE Fellow
Huadong Ma, Ph.D., Professor
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Gang Feng, Ph.D., Professor
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Liyang Shao, Ph.D., Professor
Southern University of Science and Technology, China

Ray Sheriff, Ph.D., Professor
University of Bradford, United Kingdom



Shi Jin
Southeast University, China

Jianqing Li, Ph.D., Professor
Macau University of Science and Technology